Version History

  • updated SDK version and libraries
  • removed support for Android 5.0 (due to permission changes in Android 5.0)
  • fixed license issues
  • allow airplane toggling on rooted devices (Android 4.2+ requires third party helper applications however)
  • new option to start auto switching to airplane mode also if signal strength is low
  • new options for the reconnection period setting (10s and 15s)
  • delay restoring the WiFi state by 5 seconds after automatically toggling the airplane mode
  • mobile data setting now can be changed for rule "No Network" (to be able to keep data connection on when signal strength is low)
  • prevent airplane or WiFi toggling in Android 4.2+ (no longer supported)
  • do not block calls (or show restriction messages) for emergency numbers
  • added Croatia to EU Roaming
  • added "Feel At Home" settings for UK subscribers
  • fixed automatic Auto Sync when WiFi established (no auto sync when enabled but no connection)
  • rule editing screen now scrollable in order to work on smaller screen sizes
  • improved handling for WiFi and Auto Sync when airplane mode is turned on automatically
  • added MCC/country based rules
  • individual rules can be enabled/disabled now
  • rule 3LikeHome is now disabled per default (for new installations)
  • keep WiFi state after automatically switching to airplane mode
  • improved timing for canceling restricted calls (before vibration instead after vibration)
  • new advanced option to delay rule processing a few seconds (e.g. if manually switching to airplane mode is not detected properly)
  • new option to keep manually disabled mobile data connection off, even if it would be normally turned on by another rule again
  • new option to show status of manually changed mobile data connection in notification bar
  • new options for automatically disconnecting/reconnecting phone network based on network rule
  • new option to secure app settings with PIN
  • new option to disable the home network rule (might be useful in Dual-SIM configurations)
  • restricted possible settings for "No Network" rule
  • do not handle options for keeping manually changed mobile data state if Battery Control is already handling the data connection
  • fixed Force Close when another application also was intercepting outgoing calls
  • full version was mistakenly named "Trial" (functionality was not limited however)
  • updated Russian translation (Valentin Roditschkin)
  • added support for devices with no telephony functions, but available data connection (e.g. Nexus 7 3G)
  • handling manually changed mobile data connection did not work properly
  • improved notification logic (no more notification if changing to "No Network")
  • improved detection for national roaming in some rare cases (use MCC for checking if no country ISO code provided)
  • new option for handling case when mobile data connection gets modified from outside Roaming Control
  • disabling phone radio (airplane mode on) no longer possible for home network and if no network is available
  • fixed error in Trial version
  • improved handling for setting service to foreground
  • b/w icon for ongoing notification
  • significantly reduced memory usage
  • fixed error during update of network rules
  • individual networks now have higher priority than national roaming
  • disabling phone radio (airplane mode on) no longer possible for home network and if no network is available
  • removed possibility for notifications for "no network" rule
  • improved logic for notification display (e.g. no more notification if changing to "no network" and then back to same network as before)
  • turning mobile data connection on/off now working in Android 2.2
  • improved detection for WiFi established
  • rechecking rules 15 s after network change
  • new rule "EU Roaming" (covers all EU member states)
  • added new roaming rule setting: Restrict outgoing calls
  • new option for action for restricted outgoing calls: Ask, Show Information Message, Block Call
  • new option for vibration for restricted outgoing calls
  • new option for notification icon if calls are restricted in current network
  • fixed turning airplane mode on/off when Wifi state changed
  • never disable airplane mode automatically
  • fixed export/import
  • fixed turning auto sync on/off
  • new option to enable auto sync when Wifi established
  • integration with JuiceDefender
  • export/import settings did not work on every phone
  • new roaming rule "No Network" (instead of setting)
  • process rules only if network operator really changes
  • now also works with Battery Control application from INSADCO (soon to be released)
  • stop service if disabled
  • do not start service on boot if disabled
  • new option to prevent background service from being stopped by the system
  • added "3 Like Home" settings for Italian subscribers
  • export/import settings
  • wrong help file was included
  • use correct theme on Android 3.x and 4.x
  • minor layout changes
  • Russian translation (Alexey Khasainov)
  • license check only in home network (to avoid traffic in foreign networks)
  • new options to select custom notification sound and to turn on or off vibration
  • new option to turn off mobile data and auto sync when no network is available
  • updated list of free roaming partners for 3 Like Home in Austria (removed Australia, added Hongkong)
  • updated help files
  • UI updating improved
  • bug fix: extra rule "3 Like Home" no longer gets deleted in airplane mode
  • new optional notification based on roaming rule change
  • renamed "Unknown Network" to "Other Networks"
  • added rule for free roaming partners (currently only "3 Like Home" for Austrian subscribers)
  • minor bug fixes
  • bug fixes
  • updated help files
  • minor layout changes
  • do not show active network rule when there is no network or when Roaming Control is disabled
  • Initial release

Explanation of Permissions

  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: to start background service after rebooting the device
  • READ_PHONE_STATE: to read info from SIM card (home network) and to get access to the current phone state (idle, off hook, ringing)
  • READ_SYNC_SETTINGS: to get current auto sync setting
  • WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS: to modify auto sync setting
  • WRITE_SETTINGS: to modify airplane mode
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to check mobile data connection mode in Android 2.3+
  • CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE: to modify mobile data connection mode in Android 2.3+
  • MODIFY_PHONE_STATE: to modify mobile data connection mode in Android 2.2
  • VIBRATE: to let phone vibrate on notification
  • BROADCAST_STICKY: to communicate with other applications (e.g. Battery Control)
  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: to check if a Wifi connection is established
  • CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: to restore Wifi state after enabling airplane mode
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to export settings to SD card
  • PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS: to intercept outgoing calls (if restricted)
  • CALL_PHONE, CALL_PRIVILEGED: to make calls after intercepting them
  • CHECK_LICENSE: for checking the license (only for the full version)
  • INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: for ads in trial version
  • ACCESS_SUPERUSER: for checking root status of device (used for airplane mode toggling in Android 4.2)