Version History

  • changed timing to lock/blank screen after answering the call
  • fixed a NullPointerException bug in the Google license validator
  • hide application from the recent apps list
  • do not reset to custom ring volume if ringer mode is already silent or vibrate
  • fixed bug when restoring volume
  • new option to set fixed ringer volume
  • do not change ringer volume (silence or decrease) if ringer mode is already silent of vibrate
  • fixed error in Trial version
  • significantly reduced memory usage
  • new app icon
  • improved handling for setting service to foreground (e.g. automatically in foreground during calls even if option is disabled)
  • improved handling for screen brightness changes (e.g. restore brightness even after service crash)
  • screen dimming logic improved (now different behavior for manual and automatic screen brightness)
  • screen dimming with "Bluetooth Headset Locking" enabled now only takes place if "Dim Screen when Locked" is also enabled
  • unlock previously locked screen if there is another incoming call during an active call
  • unlock previously locked screen if screen of device turns on (e.g. after key-press or turning on device)
  • answering and ending calls does not work on every device in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later (limitation due to Android 4.1+)
  • minor bug fixes
  • answering calls now works again in Android 4.1 on most devices
  • end call without any delay if ended by shake
  • new option to turn speaker on/off with face-down (instead of proximity changes)
  • new option to turn on silent or vibration mode when face-down in idle mode
  • added check for Jelly Bean (answering and ending calls no longer works since Android 4.1)
  • improved handling of second incoming call (ignore completely)
  • improved Bluetooth headset detection
  • new option for icon in status bar (to prevent stopping and confirm app is running)
  • corrected Traditional Chinese translation
  • removed option for notification when outgoing call goes off-hook (there is no way to detect if the other party has answered)
  • export/import settings
  • new option for notification when outgoing call goes off-hook
  • improved work-around for muted call after automatically answering (happens e.g. in CM9)
  • Traditional Chinese translation (Leo Yang)
  • new option for removing missed call notification for rejected or silenced calls (show dialer then Home Screen)
  • new option (work-around) if call is muted after automatically answering (happens e.g. in CM9)
  • stop service if disabled
  • do not start service on boot if disabled
  • some improvements for Android 4
  • screen did not turn off directly after answering (proximity low)
  • play notification for ended calls also if call has been ended manually
  • added new call answering method (for some rare cases where it did not work)
  • updated Russian translation (Alex Brayko)
  • new options for ending a call: Never, Face-Down, Shake, Face-Down or Shake
  • new algorithm for shake detection (please check setting)
  • no shake detection if proximity is low
  • no shake detection if phone has not been moved before
  • no movement detection if proximity is low
  • new notification type: vibrate 3x
  • new option to answer call on ear only if movement detected before
  • movement sensitivity options low, lower, high and higher did not work at all (please check setting)
  • shake sensitivities slightly changed (please check setting)
  • silence ringer completely when phone on ear
  • updated Russian translation (Alex Brayko)
  • new option for screen-off handling when on ear (phone built-in or ProXimity Talk)
  • always turn off screen when phone on ear
  • updated German translation
  • updated Russian translation (Alex Brayko)
  • fixed several bugs
  • cancel answer (during delay) if phone turns face-down
  • when ringing, shaking the phone now ends the call instead of silencing the ringer
  • do not answer call when proximity changes to low, but phone is face-down
  • improved detection if phone is in pocket
  • Russian translation (Alex Brayko)
  • disable setting "Allow Stand-By" directly from settings (not via Device Administration)
  • updated help files
  • call waiting notification did not stop
  • more sensitivity levels
  • new option for going to stand-by after call (requires Android 2.2 or higher)
  • shake to silence ringer or end call
  • movement sensitivity changes had no effect (please check your setting again)
  • error in build process caused some functions not to work - sorry for any inconvenience
  • new option for notification when call has been answered
  • new option for notification when call waiting
  • new option for bluetooth headset related locking: lock with screen off at beginning of call or if proximity changes, set screen to bright if phone moved away from ear
  • minor bug fixes
  • updated help files
  • swipe left/right to unlock screen
  • new options for actions after going off-hook
  • no turning speaker on/off if bluetooth headset active
  • use correct theme on Android 3.x and 4.x
  • silence ringer now also working on phones with Android >2.2
  • new option to decrease ringer volume when moved (no false detection when shaked only)
  • updated help files
  • improved face-down detection
  • improved handling when phone-on-ear and face-down
  • new option for action after ending incoming call: None, Home Screen
  • new option for action after ending outgoing call: None, Home Screen
  • new option for action after going off-hook: None, Home Screen, Lock Screen (until away from ear again)
  • new option to dim screen when locking screen
  • updated help files
  • new option to turn on speaker at beginning of call
  • new option to end a call by putting the phone face-down (new permission CALL_PHONE needed)
  • new option to silence the ringer by putting the phone face-down
  • updated help files
  • answer call delay was always 1000 ms (independent from setting)
  • new delay option for transferring call to or from speaker
  • speaker on/off action and notification only if really changing
  • updating speaker icon in dialer when turning speaker on/off
  • new notification options (beep)
  • updated help files
  • Initial release

Explanation of Permissions

  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: to start background service after rebooting the device
  • READ_PHONE_STATE: to get access to the current phone state (idle, off hook, ringing)
  • MODIFY_PHONE_STATE: to answer an incoming call
  • CALL_PHONE: to be able to end a call
  • WRITE_SETTINGS: to be able to dim screen when locked
  • MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: to turn speaker on/off
  • BLUETOOTH: to be able to check bluetooth headset state
  • VIBRATE: to vibrate on automatic actions
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to export settings to SD card
  • CHECK_LICENSE: for checking the license (only for the full version)
  • INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: for ads in trial version