Group Blocker

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What is Group Blocker?

Group Blocker is a call blocker that is based on the group membership of a contact. All contacts belonging to a specified contact group are blocked. So now you can also use Google Contacts to manage your call blocking list.

Group Blocker supports two blocking methods: "Reject call" and "Answer call & hang up". Both methods are working even on new versions of Android (tested on v2.2. v2.3.3 and v4.0.3), where many other call blockers have problems with the "Answer call & hang up" method.

Why do I need Group Blocker?

Do you sometimes get unwanted calls? Does your ex girlfriend/boyfriend bother you? Do you want no business calls during your holidays?

If you can answer one of this questions with 'yes', then Group Blocker is the right tool for you.

How does Group Blocker work?

Contact Group

On the main screen you can define a contact group by clicking on the red contact group field. After selecting a contact group (only contact groups that have contacts assigned are shown - the number of assigned contacts is shown on the right side), all contact group members are listed beneath the contact group name.
Main Screen

Enable call blocking

Use this checkbox to quickly enable or disable call blocking.

Show Log

Group Blocker logs all blocked calls to a log file, which can be shown via the "Show Log" menu. There you can also clear the call log.


The available settings influence the behavior of call blocking:
  • Call Blocking Method: choose between "Reject call" and "Answer call & hang up"
  • Block Unknown Callers: if turned on, callers with unknown number will also be blocked
  • Remove from Call Log: if turned on, Group Blocker removes blocked calls from the call log
  • Show Notification: if turned on, a notification is shown when call has been blocked


Note, that various settings are not enabled in the Lite version.

Call Blocking Method

There are 2 different call blocking methods:

  • Reject call: The call gets rejected immediately. On newer devices (Android v2.3 or higher) it might not be possible to hide the "missed call" notification on your phone afterwards.
  • Answer call & hang up: The call gets answered, and then ended immediately. The benefit of this method is, that the call does no get to your voice mail, nor will there be any "missed call" notification. This is the recommended setting.
Note, that if the "Answer call & hang up" method does not work (e.g. on newer devices, if there is already an ongoing call), Group Blocker automatically falls back to the "Reject call" method.

Block Unknown Callers

Use this option to additionally block calls with unknown phone number.

Remove from Call Log

This setting ensures, that no traces of the call are left on the phone (except in Group Blocker's own log) by removing the entry from the call log after ending the call.

Show Notification

Shows a short notification after a call has been blocked.

Differences between Full and Lite version

The main advantage of the Full version is, that it is able to use the "Answer call & hang up" method, and the it can remove the entry of blocked calls from the call log.

The Lite version is limited to the "Reject call" method and cannot remove call log entries. Furthermore notifications are not available.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

No contact groups are shown

Group Ringtone only shows those contacts groups that have contacts assigned - maybe you did not put any contacts in a contact group yet.